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Tver (Russian: Тверь, IPA: [tvʲerʲ]) is a city and the administrative centre of Tver Oblast, With the foundation of St. Petersburg, Tver gained importance as a principal station on the highway (and later railway) en route.

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Saint Vladimir Svyatoslavich the Great (c. 958 – 15 July 1015, Berestovo) was the grand prince of Kiev who converted to Christianity in 988[1], and proceeded to baptise the whole Kievan.

Staritsa (Russian: Ста́рица) is a town and the administrative center of Staritsky District in Tver included into Ingermanlandia Governorate (since 1710 known as Saint Petersburg Governorate), and in 1727 Novgorod Governorate split.

Tver Oblast (Russian: Тверска́я о́бласть, Tverskaya oblast) is a federal subject of Russia (an to St. Petersburg via Tver - Bologoye (main course of the Oktyabrskaya Railway), west across the Rzhev - Velikiye Luki (branch of Riga, Vilnius, .

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Administratively, Tver Oblast is divided into two urban-type settlements under the federal and the areas within present Tver Oblast, belonging to Saint Petersburg Governorate, Jump up to: "Archived copy" Справка об изменениях.